For the Narrative Animation, we were asked to create an animation based on group guidelines that included: an individual’s first day of the job, a dramatic event occurs, and the individual gets fired. To tie the three guidelines together, I decided to create a training video of a fake company named Beach Foam Lubricants. The training video followed an individual on their first day while also explaining to the audience how to succeed at the company. The individual doesn’t follow the rules of the company and, by the end of the animation is run out of the building. I was very interested in Risograph printing and thought the aesthetic of printing would fit with the story of an office space. I had initially wanted the visual aesthetic of Risograph blue and pink overprinting, but for the final animation I only maintained the colors. The minimal lines of the characters and backgrounds were chosen in order to parallel the visual language of modern companies. The Narrative animation allowed me to experiment with visual aesthetics, type and motion integration, and balancing a clear story line within project guidelines.