After being assigned a DC-based business, we were tasked with designing the company’s logo and branding. I was assigned Duplex Diner, a fun and comfortable local restaurant. The logo concept and design was quickly developed while the application of branding proved to be more of a challenge. The logo was conceived from the idea that Duplex Diner is unique and treasured restaurant. The logo combines the D of Duplex Diner with the diamond, a precious gemstone. I initially had difficulty finding a brand application that would harken back to the logo but emphasized the quirkiness and uniqueness of the restaurant. The application of brand was developed using 1930s and 1950s images combined with the graphic language of lines and geometric shapes of modernism posters. The overlapping and connected shapes assert the stability and strong bonds of the Duplex Diner community. By employing different colored triangles, I highlighted the diversity that the Duplex Diner nurtures. The branding project developed my knowledge in logo development, type and branding as well as enhancing the characteristics of my design approaches—playfulness and dynamism.