With the Movie Title Sequence project, we were instructed to use typographic and graphic research to guide our conceptual design of a opening credits sequence. I sought to use my research and visual design to create a title sequence that reflected the theme and the main character of the movie Ex Machina. Glitches and flutters of light are used as transitions to emphasize the disruption and tension that occurs through the course of the film. After extensive research, the Gridnik typeface was chosen because the letterforms reflected the hexagons that are so predominant on the main character, Ava, and throughout the animation. Since the movie has a minimal, machine aesthetic, I decided to use simple, geometric illustrations for the Title Sequence. Ex Machina relied on reds to highlight moments of danger while blues were linked to the lights on the Ava. Thus I kept my simplistic forms to red and blue to reflect the events of the movie. The movie delves into themes of creation, technology, control, and identity. I designed a narrative that started from a single cell until the creation of a full functional ‘organism’ in order to parallel the themes of Ex Machina. The Movie Title Sequence animation was designed to reflect the organic and inorganic nature of Ava while also insinuating the topics of creation and survival.